News in reverse order

11/8/2023 Moved project to GitHub

8/5/2011 Syndesis network follows redirects.

20/2/2011 Second release of central hub. It was migrated to Cairo.

8/5/2010 Third release of Syndesis. A network monitoring application was added.

23/2/2010 Second release of Syndesis. A fancy scrolling text viewer was added.

26/3/2009 First release of Syndesis. At the moment it only contains a fancy downloader (based on libcurl).

31/8/2008 Vault is now a normal Unix command line application. So far imported files are stored in a flat way. The following releases will attempt to create the smart file tree.

18/11/2007 Sample modules are now included in version 0.2.0 of Project Elevate. Only the application ones are working though.

29/10/2007 First release of the core of Project Elevate. It can only launch applications so far. Module files for applications will be included in the next release.

18/10/2007 Graphics are now handled by Cairo. This has several advantages such as higher quality and easier installation. Speed suffers a bit though.

23/09/2007 Development will slowly resume. It was stopped because of lack of internet access, a hard drive crash and a burned memory chip. All of these happened at the same period!

10/11/2006 You can now read the article on the vault at OS News.

31/10/2006 First public release! Created a site on sourceforge. Uploaded code and screenshots.